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Anežka Merhautová - Petr Sommer

Strahovský klášter. Stavební dějiny baziliky od roku 1182 do doby opata Lohelia

The Strahov Monastery. A History of the Construction of the Basilica from 1182 to the Times of Abbot Lohelius

pp. 302-314 (German summary)

This article by Anežka Merhautová and Petr Sommer is a sequel to a previous study by the two authors, published in Umění 3/1999. It monitors all events from 1182 onwards, which had an immediate impact on the architectonics of the basilica of the Premonstrate monastery in Strahov. To a great extent, the construction history mirrors steps taken by the individual abbots, as well as the effects of natural disasters.

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Ivo Hlobil

Wendepunkt zur Synthese: Ausstellung "Von der Gotik zur Renaissance - die bildkünstlerische Kultur in Mähren und Schlesien von 1400-1550"

A Turn to Synthesis: the Exhibition 'From Gothic to Renaissance - Visual Arts in Moravia and Silesia in 1400-1550'

pp. 315-334 (Czech summary)

A monumental exhibition of Moravian and Silesian late Gothic art and related events which brought a number of new findings call for a complex synthesis dealing with visual arts of the given period in both regions. Ivo Hlobil's study proposing several solutions is an interesting contribution to a slowly emerging discussion on this topic.

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Pavla Sadílková

František Lothar Ehemant a první monografie Svatovítské katedrály. Příspěvek k poznání počátků gotického revivalu v Čechách

František Lothar Ehemant and the First Monograph of St Vitus' Cathedral. A Study on the Beginnings of the Gothic Revival in Bohemia

pp. 335-350 (German summary)

František Lothar Ehemant's study of St Vitus' Cathedral was first published in Prague in 1774. Pavla Sadílková's article analyses the study in the context of contemporary travel books and of the theory of architecture in 18th century Europe. It finds out that Ehemant was treating the topic with great responsibility and erudition, which the author proves by a detailed analysis of his work.

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Markéta Svobodová

Když se led proboří... Lázně, plovárny a bazény v české architektuře 19. a 20. století.

When the Ice Breaks... Spas, Baths and Swimming Pools in Czech Architecture of 19th and 20th Centuries

pp. 351-368 (English summary)

The phenomenon of the spa industry was rediscovered in the 19th century. The author of the study focuses on individual types of public spas, their development in the next century and their social and cultural aspects. In particular, she deals with the construction of the hall spa in Liberec and Ústí nad Labem, the spa in Střekov, which is the first building in Bohemia with a partly detachable southern wall, the first swimming pool in Prague, designed by Václav Kolátor and built in 1930, and other noteworthy works.

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Kateřina Engstová

Několik poznámek k archivním zprávám k tzv. Rajhradskému oltáři

Several Notes on Archive Reports on the so-called Rajhrad Altar

pp. 369-371

Kateřina Engstová recapitulates Ivo Hlobil's standing archive findings on the Rajhrad altar and asks to what extent the given reports can contribute to the dating of this outstanding work of art. At the end of the study, she concludes that we cannot find any solid dating background or a basis for a style analysis in the reports.

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Ivo Kořán

Třetí Brokofova Kalvárie

The Third Calvary by Brokof

pp. 371-373

This study deals with the sculptural group of Calvary from the minorite church in Pardubice. The author assigns the work to Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokof, above all on the basis of a comparison with a Calvary from the chapel of St Havel's church in Prague's Old Town. The author maintains that the Pardubice sculptural group dates back to 1725.

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Zuzana Všetečková

Jan Bažant, Umění českého středověku a antika

pp. 374-376

Anežka Merhautová

Jan Bažant, Umění českého středověku a antika

pp. 376-378

Rudolf Chadraba

Ivan Rusina (ed.), Barok

pp. 378-381

Matthias Boeckl

Eric Dluhosch - Rostislav Švácha (eds.), Karel Teige 1900-1951. Ľ Enfant Terrible of the Czech Modernist Avant-Garde

pp. 382-384

Eržika Kubínová

Eric Dluhosch - Rostislav Švácha (eds.), Karel Teige 1900-1951. Ľ Enfant Terrible of the Czech Modernist Avant-Garde

pp. 384-385


pp. 386-387

New Additions to the Literature on Art History

pp. 387-390