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Stefan Bartilla

Erysichthon fällt die Cereiseiche. Ein Gemälde von Jakob Grimmer und Gillis Mostaert und seine Deutung

Erysichthon fells Cererin's oak. An Interpretation of the Painting by Jakob Grimmer and Gillis Mostaert

pp. 362-369 (Czech summary)

The subject of the article is the joint painting by Jakob Grimmer and Gillis Mostaert, which was probably made in 1575 and is kept at the chateau gallery at Rájec-Jestřebí. The article concentrates in particular on the iconographic programme of the painting, which was based on Ovid's Metamorphoses yet took on a broader meaning in the context of the relationship between Calvinism and Catholicism.

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Guido Carrai

I florentini al castello: il progetto di Bernardo Buontalenti e Giovanni Gargiolli per la nuova galleria di Rodolfo II

Florentines at Prague Castle: Bernardo Buontalenti and Giovanni Gargiolli's design for the New Gallery of Rudolf II

pp. 370-384 (Czech summary)

Building activity at Prague Castle intensified after 1585, when the imperial court moved to Prague. In that year, the architect Giovanni Gargiolli entered the service of Rudolf II. The article focuses on his designs for the renovation of the ruling seat and also treats the equally important work of another Florentine architect, Bernardo Buontalenti. The new interpretation is based first and foremost on two letters from 1587 deposited at the Archivio di Stato di Firenze, Mediceo del Principato.

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Lenka Češková

Páter Tobiáš Gebler a "primae delineationes" jezuitských staveb ve druhé polovině 17. století

Father Tobiáš Gebler and the 'Primae Delineationes' of Jesuit Buildings in the Second Half of the 17th Century

pp. 385-405 (German summary)

The figure of Father Tobiáš (Tobias) Gebler is associated with artistic as well as spiritual endeavours. He is known as one of the delineators of the Jesuit monasteries; that is, those who were concerned with the functional and iconographic requirements of the plan of the monastery buildings. The study looks at Gebler's work in the field of architecture and puts him in the context of specific designs, mostly located in Moravian towns.

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Peter J. Martyn

Urbanity on the Fringes of Polish Statehood. A Celebration of the Unique Cities of Vraetslav and Leopolis

Urbanita na pomezí polské státnosti. Oslava jedinečných měst Vraetslav a Leopolis

pp. 406-420 (Czech summary)

The essay outlines the history of two important Polish cities - Wrocław (Breslau) and Lwów (Lvov, Lemberg) - focusing on their development against the backdrop of the formation of a social and cultural consciousness. According to the author, the interpretation of post-medieval civilization from the perspective of the city allows one to steer clear of racial stereotypes, as the concept of citizenship in these cities constituted an older and more powerful form of social and cultural identity than the state.

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Lubomír Konečný

Aby M. Warburg a Vincenc Kramář

Aby M. Warburg and Vincenc Kramář

pp. 421-422 (German summary)

The text presents a letter from Aby Warburg to Vincenc Kramář on 13 May 1927. The commentary on the letter corrects the earlier, erroneous interpretation of its contents. The commentary also makes reference to other letters that shed light on the relationship between the two figures and Warburg's trip to Prague in May 1927.

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Pavel Vlček

Adenda k romantickému parku v Krásném Dvoře a parku na Cibulce v Praze

Addenda to the Romantic Park in Krásný Dvůr and the Na Cibulce Park in Prague

pp. 423-427

The Romantic Park in Krásný Dvůr is one of the important examples of English parks in Bohemia. Illustrations in Ideenmagazin, popular in its time, introduce new information about the park, including the published short notes of the founder of the park, Count Jan Rudolf Černín of Chudenice, the designer of the local little 'Gothic church'. In connection with the models in Ideenmagazine, the article also makes reference to the structures in the Na Cibulce Park in Prague.

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Tomáš Valena

Plečnikova Rajská zahrada Pražského hradu. Vývoj ideje projektu

Plečnik's Garden of Paradise at Prague Castle. The Development of the Design

pp. 428-436

The study reconstructs the genesis of the design for the Garden of Paradise at Prague Castle, one of Josip Plečnik's best works. It outlines the various phases of the design, from the initial announcement of the competition in January 1920, to the smaller studies and the official approval of the final version in 1921, familiar from the drawing of the architect Otto Rothmayer.

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Karel Thein

Paul Crowther, The Transhistorical Image. Philosophizing Art and Its History

pp. 437-438

Klára Benešovská

Europas Mitte um 1000. Beiträge zur Geschichte, Kunst und Archäologie, Band 1-2

pp. 439-443

Zuzana Všetečková

Jan Royt, Středověké malířství v Čechách

pp. 443-445

Jindřich Vybíral

Zdeněk Lukeš, Splátka dluhu. Praha a její německy hovořící architekti 1900-1938

pp. 445-447

Tomáš Winter

Marcela Macharáčková - Lubomír Slavíček - Alena Krkošková (ed.), Antonín Procházka 1882-1945

pp. 447-450


pp. 451-452

New Additions to the Literature on Art History

pp. 452-455