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Ondřej Jakubec

Mezi dvory, kláštery a městy: střední Evropa jako prostor kulturní výměny

The review of the book by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann presents a treatise on the Central European art and culture of the Early Modern Age as a specific type of synthesis that, in art-historical elaboration, links the cultural-historical approach (in the Gombrich tradition) with the concept of the so-called geography of art (also known as the geohistory of art). The review not only takes note of the principles of interpretation on which the book stands, but also considers, on the basis of these, how the contemporary approach of so-called world art history, which is actually represented by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann, is also present in its elaboration. In this approach the voice is heard once again of the humanistic and universal ethos of art history, which interprets artworks as the products of live communication and exchange in concrete historical time and space and as the products of distinctive human cultures.

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